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Quito Apart Hotel

Points of Interest


  • Points of interestWalk
  • Santa Teresita church2 min
  • Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana5 min
  • French embassy5 min
  • Rumiñahui Coliseum10 min
  • La Mariscal Artisan Market2 min
  • Historical Center10 min
  • Los Quitus Artisan Market15 min
  • Patio de Comedias Theater1 min
  •  Drive
  • Casa de Guayasamín15 min
  • El Panecillo15 min
  • El Teleferico15 min
  • Middle of the world40 min
Quito Apart Hotel, Santa Teresita church
  • Transit / SubwayWalk
  • Blue buses lines1 min
  • The Trolleybus (Ejido station)3 min
  • Ecovía (C.C.E station)3 min
  • Hilton Colon taxis1 min

Good to know

Public transportation in Quito is the cheapest and most frequently used form of local transport. Since bus schedules are irregular and the routes are not posted online

Quito Apart Hotel, Quito transportation
  • Shopping CentersWalk
  • El Espiral1 min
  •  Drive
  • Mall El Jardín 10 min
  • Quicentro Norte15 min
  • Quicentro Sur25 min
  • El Bosque 20 min
  • C.C.I.15 min
  • Scala Shopping30 min
  • El Condado30 min
  • Plaza Real Calderón30 min
Quito Apart Hotel, El Espiral shopping center
  • Parks and Recreation Walk
  • El Ejido park1 min
  • El Arbolito park5 min
  • Plaza Foch 10 min
  •  Drive
  • La Vicentina10 min
  • Itchimba park10 min
  • La Carolina park10 min
Quito Apart Hotel, El Ejido park
  • Supermarkets Walk
  • Tía10 min
  •  Drive
  • Supermaxi10 min
  • Mi Comisariato10 min
  • Banks Walk
  • Internacional1 min
  • Produbanco5 min
  • Guayaquil 10 min
  • Pichincha 10 min
  • Pacífico10 min
Quito Apart Hotel, Quito city
  • UniversitiesWalk
  • Central del Ecuador10 min
  • Pontificia Católica del Ecuador 10 min
  • Politécnica Salesiana10 min
  •  Drive
  • De las Américas15 min
  • SEK15 min
  • San Francisco de Quito30 min
Quito Apart Hotel, Central University
  • Hospitals Walk
  • Pediatric Baca Ortiz15 min
  • Eugenio Espejo15 min
  • Carlos Andrade Marín15 min
  • Santa Cecilia Clinic15 min
  •  Drive
  • Metropolitano15 min
  • Internacional15 min
  • De la Mujer Clinic20 min
  • De los Valles30 min
Quito Apart Hotel, Vaca Ortiz Pediatric Hospital
  • Restaurants, MarketsWalk
  • Sal y Pimienta2 min
  • Juan Valdez5 min
  • Sweet & Coffee5 min
  • El Café Libro5 min
  • República del Cacao15 min
  • Mamá Clorinda15 min
  • Mágico Oriental10 min
  • KFC2 min
  • Mc Donald's5 min
  • Burger King5 min
  • El Español5 min
  • Pizzería Hornero10 min
  • Rincón de Francia10 min
  • Fybeca2 min
Quito Apart Hotel, Quito coffee shop
  • AirportDrive
  • Mariscal Sucre Airport45 min

Good to know

There are some ways to get from the Airport to wherever you are headed, cab rides, taxi companies (the fare will be cost between $25 -$35,it is important to agree on the price whene you initially hire the service, be sure that your taxi driver has change).

Quito Apart Hotel, Quito airport

Uber and Cabify (apps in Ecuador), a solid transfer service, Airport Buses (the fare will be cost between $2 - $3 (make frequent stops along the way, keep in mind that like in other major cities in the world,you’ll need to be mindful of your belongings at all times) ,Shuttles (Most free service and would simply need to be coordinated with the hotel) A private airport bus (Aeroservicios is the most popular, rates between $10 and $15 per person/ free Wifi/ leave every 30 minutes, since 04:00am), Rental Cars (like Hertz, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise)

Quito Apart Hotel, Quito airport
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